Odyssey of Freedom?

Finding the words to encompass an idea of a cumulative website of experiences came down to simply the journey I have created for myself. My life after leaving university has been an odyssey of sorts. The twists and turns of living without a long-term plan has led me to encounter all sorts of crazy events, people, and places. Nothing on par with Odysseus’ Charybdis or Calypso; but I’m sure some worthwhile comparisons could be made. Freedom is not being constrained by typical cultural ideals. I am lucky in that I grew up in a place in a time and age where, as a young, educated human, I can decide to travel to beautiful places without being constrained by want of food, shelter, or other basic necessities that human’s have, for nearly all-time, struggled to obtain. That is fortune; and the thought of that makes all of my issues minuscule and insignificant in comparison. I am lucky in that I can choose to venture, on a whim sometimes, to other places on the planet out of the sake of curiosity and nothing else.

I chose to create the website in order to express thoughts and ideas that come up in conversation with other like-minded folks; and, hopefully, to reach a larger audience. Also importantly, after keeping written journals for the past 3 years, to regurgitate events and ideas in order to share them. What good would those written experiences do if they stayed on my parents’ bookshelf only to be reviewed a handful of times before I croak? This website is an outlet for experiences past as well as present.

Who is this?

My name is Tom and, as of now, I am the sole author of this little blog. I am from the State of Georgia, with ties all across the Peach State with the bulk of time in Griffin. My formative years came at the University of Georgia in Athens where, thanks to my contemporaries, I developed an insatiable sense of curiosity about the world. Blending my studies in history and business with my own personal interests, I read. Edward Abbey, Aldo Leopold, Jared Diamond, David Suzuki, Ayn Rand, and more I consumed with fervour.  In Wyoming I lived and worked for three seasons, but the appetite for big adventure persisted and I could not settle even in the most beautiful of places.

Obtaining a passport at the late age of 23 was a turning-point. From there I have not looked back. Since departed the States for the first time in 2013 for Australia I have been opened to such an amazing world full of new opportunities and friendships and fateful moments. The journey continues as my curiosity constantly grows hungrier and The Fear remains silent.

My goals, due to financial constraints (which is good) has been to travel frugally, trek in wild places as often as possible, and then reach a destination and work and live in a place that I can not just regain funds; but  one in which I can learn, explore, and meet new friends.

Delicious beer in Gdansk
Delicious beer in Gdansk

Why Read My Articles?

I want to relate to others with similar interest, and maybe encourage a few out there to jump on a small, or big adventure. Long-term travel is not intimidating, and certainly not for everybody. However many, including personal friends and relations, are under the false impression that international travel is only for the rich. Encouraging other Westerners, regardless of socio-economic status, to visit ‘developing’ countries (and not part of a holiday-package deal) is a goal here. Also sparking thoughts for conservation of wild places and cultures. These are my personal goals as well and I hope to share the ups and downs my finds.


with the ‘s’ I’m optimistic for more in the future

My experience trekking in the surreal Hollyford Valley, Fiordland, New Zealand on my days off from working at Milford Sound Lodge in December of 2015 is detailed just here: https://www.milfordlodge.com/2016/03/hiking-hollyford-valley-fiordland

Current Location

Colleton County, South Carolina, USA

Gazing into Yosemite Valley